Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Betsy Phillips’ voice is as serene and calming as the flatlands of her native midwest.  Touched with a hint of sadness but an assurance that everything will be alright, Phillips’ voice is a manifestation of her steadfast and patient mindset.  “I didn’t move to Nashville knowing how to write great songs, but I decided that writing songs was something I was going to do, and something I was going to be good at.”
    For the making of her new EP Like We’re Talking, Phillips reached out to producer Dan Knobler (Lake Street Dive, Erin Rae).  The recording features guitarist Anthony da Costa (Sarah Jarosz, Joy Williams), and bassist Ethan Jodziewicz (Sierra Hull), both of whom compliment Phillips’ voice with careful attention to detail and musicality. The result is stunning, with material touching on everything from personal relationships to Phillips’ childhood home in “We Don’t Stay”. From the sounds of Like We’re Talking, Phillips is paving her own artistic path with a steady and deliberate beauty.